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The latest version of the 3dsmax exporter can be downloaded from David Baker's website.


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Cheetah3D exporter

The latest version of the Cheetah3D exporter can be downloaded from the Tres Graphicos blog.


April 11, 2007

This is just a quick update to report on development progress. The forum has proven to be quite popular and development of the Blender exporter has been moving at a rapid pace. The latest version is now being checked into SVN regularly. I have updated the link on the right to point to all versions. Blender users should upgrade as soon as possible. Of course please stop by the forums and let us know how to make the exporter even better!

The Maya exporter is also under heavy development. I will make an official release along with the next release of Sunflow, but we already have Sunflow working as a third party renderer and integrating with the Maya render view (special thanks to Fredrik from Mad Crew for these improvements).

Finally, as far as Sunflow itself is concerned things are moving along too. The main focus of the next release will be the new API and a new scene file format that mirrors it exactly. This should simplify exporter writing, but also makes the renderer much more extensible as the janino shader concept can now be applied to all programmable types in Sunflow. The new file format comes in ASCII and binary flavors for efficient exporting/loading of complex scenes. I have also rewritten the bitmap reading/saving portion of Sunflow to support new image formats more easily. I hope to introduce object motion blur in the next release as well as a new progressive rendering mode. Stay tuned!

P.S.: There's an official png/svg logo pack in the download section - and don't forget to check out the updated gallery!

Feburary 24, 2007

At the request of many of you, I opened an improved phpbb style forum. It is being hosted here on Sourceforge. Please let me know if you run into any problems. I will keep the old sourceforge forums open for a little while until all the useful information has been transferred.

I have also uploaded a few new images to the gallery. Be sure to check them out!

Feburary 8, 2007

I just released a new version. This is a small update which fixes a number of minor issues with the last release. The major new features include:

  • Camera motion blur
  • Bezier patch meshes in .sc files
  • On-demand loading of large meshes (OBJ, STL and RA3 formats)

I have also updated the sidebar links for the 3dsmax and Cheetah3D exporters which are making rapid progress.

January 27, 2007

I have just added the first piece of documentation! Check out the new docs section in the menu. This first tutorial explains how to install Sunflow, creating a batch script for convenient launching and how to install the JDK to get the best performance possible. Thanks to Artur Brinkmann for writing this up. Please drop us a note on the forums if you find any errors or have any suggestions that could improve the tutorial.

Many brand new exporters have appeared as well!

  • New XSI exporter (get it here).
  • 3dsmax exporter (get it in the forum thread)
  • Cheetah3D exporter (get it here)
  • OS X Intel Maya 8.5 binary has been added

I have gotten great responses from many people about the new release. Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed me and posted on the forums! Stay tuned for more updates and tutorials.

January 21, 2007

The new version is finally here! Grab it from the download section now!

This release contains many improvements and many aspects of the core have been completely overhauled. Brand new features include:

  • Instancing
  • Acceleration structures are created on demand
  • Textures are loaded on demand
  • Polygonal lenses for bokeh in depth of field
  • Absorbtion model in the glass shader
  • Physically based sun/sky system (paper)
  • Lightmap baking
  • Fisheye lens
  • Wireframe shader (works even with depth of field and distorting lenses)
  • Bump/normal mapping via surface modifiers
  • Much improved sampling of area lights (paper)
  • Animation support
  • Many new geometric primitives
  • Improved Blender exporter
  • New Autodesk Maya exporter

I have received several questions recently about exporters/plugins for other platforms. If you develop an export solution for any of the major 3d packages (3dsmax, Lightwave, Cinema4D, modo, etc ...) please let me know and it will be listed here as well. Many users are looking forward to these!

I know documentation/tutorials are still lacking. Please be patient as this will be one of the main focuses of the next release. If you are willing to contribute anything in this area, your help will be most welcome. In the meantime, enjoy the new release and please share your renders with us on the forum!

January 13, 2007

Thanks to Kris Berg from MUX Medialab, we have a brand new logo and website for the new year! I've also updated the gallery with some great new images and animations created with the soon-to-be-released new version.

December 8, 2006

This page now features a proper Atom feed for all news items. This should help you keep up to date with the latest Sunflow development. Please let me know if your favorite feed reader runs into any problems.

December 7, 2006

I've just added a couple new features to the Sunflow core. It is now possible to bake lightmaps using Sunflow. This makes it possible to take any object in your scene and render it's shading in UV space. The resulting image can then be applied back to the model as a texture for realtime use. The lightmapping works with any of the image samplers, so you may render them at high quality with the bucket renderer, or get a quick preview with the progressive renderer.

I have also added a new surface type which allows efficient rendering of many millions of particle spheres. I have used this feature in particular to generate some images for the website. The aggregation images were inspired by the beautifull work of Andy Lomas.

Also of interest, the open source jReality project is making use of Sunflow to provide high quality rendering embedded in their application. The tight level of integration was made possible by the programmable and embeddable design of Sunflow. The developers were even able to add a few new features which I hope to port back into the Sunflow core soon.

Don't forget to stop by the gallery to view the latest images!

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